In September FrigAir proposes a new range of products for EURO 6 truck, entirely made in Sweden by TitanX, European leader in the original equipment for trucks, for years partner of FrigAir.

The new range includes A/C radiators and intercoolers of original equipment quality, for trucks EURO 6: VOLVO FM /VOLVO FMX and RENAULT K/RENAULT C/RENAULT T.

From January 2016 it will be mandatory to have an engine EURO 6 for all the new registered vehicles, FrigAir has anticipated the times adding new products to the catalogue to help our customers and to increase the cover of the entire range of circulating trucks.

Due to the big dimensions and the heavyweight the A/C radiators and the intercoolers are single packed in wooden pallet box, to protect the products and to help the operation of loading and unloading.

You will find the new range on the FrigAir product catalogue and TecDoc site with these codes:

- 0209.3031 and 0709.3024 for Renault trucks C series, K series and T series with cabin height 3,6 mt.
- 0211.2013 and 0711.3010 for Volvo FM and FMX.

New codes: 0209.3030 and 0709.3023 for Renault T series with cabin height 4 mt.

Remanufactured OE COmpressors 940


<p>Remanufactured OE COmpressors 940</p>

Now you can discover the new Remanufactured Compressors'line 940. OE Compressors Refurbished in Italy, download our catalogue in the download section.

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