Frig Air visits TitanX in Sweden

Last week Frig Air, TitanX main partner for the Aftermarket, visited, for the first time, with some customers the Swedish company in Mjallby, TitanX is a leading OEM engine cooling manufacturer for the most important truck producer in the world (Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, Scania, etc.).

In the Mjallby plant the production process is largely automated and per year they produce 500.000 pieces, the company is divided in three sectors: high volume, medium volume and low volume, this help the enterprise to differ and to produce different products for Bus and Genset, moreover the TitanX have built some radiators for some luxury car brand.

During the tour to the test center, it was possible for our customers to visit the Wind Tunnel where the temperature swing between -20 to +50, and the wind touch 150 Km/h.

The most interesting facility of the Test Center was the vibration bench where they tested the complete cooling modules, automotive or truck, in vibration and simultaneous pressure pulsation for the evaluation of the fatigue resistance, different roads condition are possible to simulate, and the maximum vertical acceleration is +/- 12g.

TitanX creates the business unit TitanXtend, dedicated to serve the aftermarket and other segments mainly Gensets, the new unit is a specific approach to quickly bring OEM technology and quality to the aftermarket and other segment.

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