Frigair and Sanden: a strong partnership

We're proud to announce that Sanden, world leader manufacturer of air conditioning compressors and spare parts, has recently recognized Frigair as a precious aftermarket commercial partner conferring us the important "Gold Award 2014".

The award attesting our achievement was personally given to Frigair's CEO Mr. Dino Zappaterra by Sanden's European Aftermarket Manager Steve Gilliver.

Frigair would like to share this success with all its European Customers at the same time aiming at making this important international partnership grow stronger and stronger in the future.

Remanufactured OE COmpressors 940


<p>Remanufactured OE COmpressors 940</p>

Now you can discover the new Remanufactured Compressors'line 940. OE Compressors Refurbished in Italy, download our catalogue in the download section.

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