Sanitize your Vehicles with Frig Air products

Discover our complete new line of sanitizing products for your vehicles, fleets, offices, and workshops.

Several products to help your business works safely.

Frig Air nebulizers range: 41.30751 OZclean, 41.30753 NEBUclean & 41.30754 ATOMclean

The liquid sanitizers: 60.12047 for NEBUclean & 60.12048 for ATOMclean.

Frig Air can offer two sanitizers spray: 60.12044 Cleansì & 60.12046 Sanibact, they can be used on every surface.


Furthermore, you can find the interior cleaning treatment 60.12045 for your SUV - Wagon - Commercial Vehicles -Minibus - Motor Home up to 20mq.




Frig Air offers a different range of Antifreeze, diluted and PURE. In our catalogue, you can find the Traditional and the New Generation series.

Traditional can be used with any type of engine (oil, diesel, or gas), and for every vehicle. The New Generation series is suitable for the new aluminum engine and offers new protection against the corrosion of the internal circuit cooling. There are three different New generation liquids Red, suitable for Audi – VW; Violet (ultra++) for the VW new radiators and Yellow for Renault.

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