Frig Air associated company Techrad (Zhejiang) Automotive Thermal System Corp. was established in May 2006 in Hangzhou, China.

Techrad main products include brazed aluminium heat exchangers, expanded aluminium heat exchangers, aluminium/plastic radiators, and heater cores.
Their range covers North American, European, and Asian applications (cars, vans & moto).

They follow strict quality control procedures starting from the material’s provisioning, throughout the production process, to the packaging, shipping, and after-sales support.

Techrad can manufacture more than 300k radiators a year.

In their catalogue they have more than 100 references for motorcycle radiators and more than 1500 SKUs for car applications. All the products are tested in different conditions.

In the past few years, the auto industry’s transformation has accelerated around the world. Electric cars are going to have a very large market in the future, Techrad is programming its long-term strategy around the EV’s market.

They are designing cooling plates for EV battery packages. All cooling plates are customer-tailored, Nocolok brazing, suitable for a strictly operating environment.




Spring is here, and that means warmer weather is on its way. With rising temperatures, many motorists will turn their A/C without cleaning or maintenance checkups. This can damage the vehicles’ A/C System or it can lower its effectiveness. Clean air is essential to your vehicle running properly; your car’s ventilation system counts on the cabin air filter to keep a steady stream of clean air flowing. FrigAir cabin filters have two main functions: Security, by supporting the demist/defrost of the widescreen; Health, by improving the air quality inside the passenger compartment by filtering the pollution and pollen. FrigAir offers you a complete range of cabin filters for cars, vans, trucks, and agriculture/off-highway vehicles.

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