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Chiusura estiva agosto 2020 - August CLosure

Chiusi per Ferragosto 14 - 17 agosto 2020 - Frig Air will be closed from 14th to 17th August 2020

Si comunica ai clienti che FrigAir spa rimarrà chiusa  solo per ferragosto. I nostri uffici saranno chiusi dal 14 al 17 agosto 2020.

Gli ordini effettuati durante questo periodo verranno elaborati dal 18 agosto 2020.

Frig Air will be closed for Bank Holiday from 14th to 17th August 2020, we will be back from the 18th August.



Frig Air S.p.A. distributore Borg Warner

Oltre 50 referenze nel catalogo dedicate a camion e veicoli commerciali

Frig Air S.p.A. da quest’anno è distributore ufficiale Borg Warner. Nel nostro catalogo troverete oltre 50 referenze di Ventole di Raffreddamento Viscostatiche e Visctronic ® per camion e veicoli commerciali.

L’azienda tedesca è leader di settore, produttore anche per il primo equipaggiamento.

La nostra offerta per Truck, Bus e Macchine Agricole è sempre in crescita, scoprite il nostro Catalogo online.


Inaugurato il nuovo magazzino

Da oggi FrigAir a Ferrara può contare su oltre 10.000mq di spazio complessivo

È stato proprio un container di Techrad, la nostra azienda di Radiatori e Riscaldatori, che ha inaugurato il nuovo magazzino di FrigAir.

Adiacente alla nostra attuale collocazione ora possiamo vantare un nuovo magazzino di oltre 2000 mq, che è ancora in fase di allestimento, ma già operativo.

Questo nuovo edificio sarà dedicato esclusivamente al ricevimento della merce, per poter gestire in maniera più veloce e precisa l’arrivo dei prodotti.

Con questo nuovo magazzino e con una nuova gestione degli arrivi, vogliamo garantire ai nostri clienti il massimo dell’efficienza anche in alta stagione.

Ora, Frig Air, può fare affidamento su oltre 7.500 mq di magazzino esclusivamente per lo stoccaggio della merce, considerati gli ampliamenti di gamma che faremo nel 2018, questa nuovo magazzino ci darà la possibilità di allargare il nostro catalogo e aumentare le nostre disponibilità.

A Ferrara ora possiamo vantare uno spazio complessivo di 10.000 mq, che cercheremo di sfruttare anche con l’aiuto della tecnologia.

Grossi investimenti e cambiamenti in FrigAir, stiamo crescendo guardando al futuro senza dimenticare le nostre origini.


Online our Corporate Video

Together, for more than 25 years, we control the motor vehicle temperatures.

Watch our corporate video.

Together, for more than 25 years, we control the motor vehicle temperatures.



New TitanX Brochure

New TitanX Brochure
TitanX aftermarket products are made by the same experts the OEMs choose for their new trucks. They appreciate TitanX because we are focused, fast and fexible. 
FOCUSED on commercial vehicles – this is what we do and as a market leading OEM supplier, we pride ourselves to be good at it. Our products can be found in six of the 2010-2016 International Truck of the Year winners. 
FAST – We extend our range of radiators and charge air coolers after your demands. Right now, our aftermarket catalogue has over 300 products, and counting.
FLEXIBLE –  We engineer and manufacture our products for the European market in Sweden. Our products are engineered and manufactured in our highly automated plant in Mjällby, Blekinge, Sweden. We believe that a truck in trouble quickly deserves the best quality engine cooling. Because uptime rules.


Frig Air visits TitanX in Sweden

TitanX is a leading OEM engine cooling manufacturer for the most important truck producer in the world

Last week Frig Air, TitanX main partner for the Aftermarket, visited, for the first time, with some customers the Swedish company in Mjallby, TitanX is a leading OEM engine cooling manufacturer for the most important truck producer in the world (Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, Scania, etc.).

In the Mjallby plant the production process is largely automated and per year they produce 500.000 pieces, the company is divided in three sectors: high volume, medium volume and low volume, this help the enterprise to differ and to produce different products for Bus and Genset, moreover the TitanX have built some radiators for some luxury car brand.

During the tour to the test center, it was possible for our customers to visit the Wind Tunnel where the temperature swing between -20 to +50, and the wind touch 150 Km/h.

The most interesting facility of the Test Center was the vibration bench where they tested the complete cooling modules, automotive or truck, in vibration and simultaneous pressure pulsation for the evaluation of the fatigue resistance, different roads condition are possible to simulate, and the maximum vertical acceleration is +/- 12g.

TitanX creates the business unit TitanXtend, dedicated to serve the aftermarket and other segments mainly Gensets, the new unit is a specific approach to quickly bring OEM technology and quality to the aftermarket and other segment.


Techrad gets ISO/TS 16949:2009 certificate

FrigAir exclusive distributor in Europe for radiators

The Chinese company Techrad, part of the multinational Hactec group to which Frigair also belongs, has recently been confirmed the awarding of the important international ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certificate, meaning that the quality standards of this young Chinese company, established in 2006 and based in Hangzhou, are constantly acknowledged as being of a high level.

Such an acknowledgment is of utmost significance considering the important international partnerships in which Techrad is engaged, for instance that with General Motors that was started a few years ago and has required considerable investments to grant the highest possible quality.

Frigair is the sole authorized distributor in Europe for the Techrad radiators and is proud of being part of such a successful group.

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Frig Air offers a different range of Antifreeze, diluted and PURE. In our catalogue, you can find the Traditional and the New Generation series.

Traditional can be used with any type of engine (oil, diesel, or gas), and for every vehicle. The New Generation series is suitable for the new aluminum engine and offers new protection against the corrosion of the internal circuit cooling. There are three different New generation liquids Red, suitable for Audi – VW; Violet (ultra++) for the VW new radiators and Yellow for Renault.

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