Frig Air commitment from 2021 and the years ahead is to prioritize sustainability, as an automotive spare parts manufacturer and distributor, we know more than ever that we have a responsibility with our communities and the rest of the world to reduce the environmental impact of our operations in each Company or country we are involved

Sustainability is a shared duty, right now we are working with our suppliers to fulfill our commitment, that’s why we have decided from now and for the future to work only with companies that conduct operations in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and also to support those current companies that want to improve their environmental mindset and business operations while setting more stringent standards for ourselves and our suppliers whenever possible.

our renovated company TechRad.

We are committed to reducing the footprint of our packaging, that’s why we have decided to promote the circular economy concepts in product and packaging design. As a step forward, we have started to promote more our rebuilt or reconditioned products, like our entire range of 940 compressors, which are made by recycling used OE components, entirely restored to their original conditions, using highly advanced technological and industrial production processes.





We all in FrigAir and mainly our shareholders decided to set up this as a top priority to raise environmental awareness among all Frig Air colleagues and business partners, by providing them with the necessary knowledge, resources, and tools to implement our “reduce, reuse, recycle” program in our workplace.

We encourage everyone to join us in our commitment and effort to recycle and use more reusable products throughout our workday because together, we can do it better.

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